Gebrüder Goldschmidt, Neumarkt (oder Pirzer)

In 1884 or 1885 the Velocipedfabrik Goldschmidt & Pirzer started building ordinaries. In 1887 mr. Eduard Pirzer left the firm and the name was changed to Velocipedfabrik Neumarkt, Gebrüder Goldschmidt. Pirzer continued with his own firm, Velociped Fabrik Gebr. Pirzer, München.
In 1898 Velocipedfabrik Neumarkt-Gebr. Goldschmidt changed their name to Express Fahrradwerke, which managed to survive until 1949. More information on this factory and 'Express' on the internet, click here.

The bike we see here is a top class penny farthing, with its tangent spokes and the Humber-type saddle. Please forget about the ugly hose clamp around the fixation of the Humber spring. Look at the original leather on the saddle! Most interesting detail is the 'lock'. Did people steal penny farthings in those days just by jumping on and riding away? This lock fixes the brake to the tire. I have seen this system only on bikes built by the firms of Goldschmidt and Pirzer. I added an illustration from the 1891 Goldschmidt catalogue.

This bike carries a makers badge mentioning Goldschmidt & Pirzer, but owner told me it is a later addition to the bike. The bike seems to be from 1888-1890. It carries the number 2604 at the inside of the cranks, there are no other clues to a serial number. I am not sure if it is from the later Gebr. Goldschmidt production, or a Gebr. Pirzer. But for sure it is a proud member of this family, and with its 58 front wheel it's a giant as well!

 Does the badge belong
to this bike? I am not sure.